Jody Naifeh and Karen Naifeh Harmon Suzuki Violin Lessons

Spring Schedule 2018

Jan 4-6        Lessons, 23rd week for Thur-Sat students
Jan 8-13      Lessons, 24th week
Jan 15-20    Lessons, 25th week
Jan 23-26    Group Week, 26th week


JANUARY Extra info:

Jan 6           Young Musicians Postmark Deadline

Jan 13          Sat: ORU Young Musicians Audition/Recital



Jan 29-Feb 3  Lessons, 27th week
Feb 5-10         Lessons, 28th week
Feb 12-17       Lessons, 29th week
Feb 19-24       Lessons, 30th week


FEBRUARY Extra info:

Feb 10          District Achievement Postmark Online Deadline


Feb 26-Mar3 Lessons, 31st week
Mar 5-10       Lessons, 32nd week
Mar 12-17     Lessons, 33rd week
Mar 19-24     No Lessons (Spring Break)
Mar 27-29     Group Week, 34th week

MARCH Extra info:

March 10: District Achievement at ORU (judged song with Theory Test, and qualifier for State Achievement. Parents must bring $25 CASH to be paid at District to sign up for State with proper score.)

Mar 17 (Saturday)  Arrive 11:00am, Perfrom 11:30am-12:30pm. THO Irish Fiddling Performance, Kilkenny’s. Wear green/ bring a stand! Arrive TBA.
March  Postmark Deadline: TAMTA Senior/Camp Scholarships Date TBA


Apr 2-7        Lessons, 35th week
Apr 9-14      Lessons, 36th week
Apr 16-21    Lessons, 37th week
Apr 24-26    Group Week, 38th week


APRIL Extra info:

Apr 29 Sunday: Hyechka Student Recital 2:00pm. Auditions immediately following. TU Meinig Hall at Lorton Hall.

Apr TBA  TAMTA Senior/Camp Scholarship Auditions.

April 30  Group Recital: Jazz Hall of Fame, 5 S. Boston, Tulsa 74103. Arrive 5:00pm, Perform 5:30-7:00pm. Recital Fee: $25 per family.



Apr 30-May 5 Lessons, 39th week
May 7-12       Lessons, 40th week
May 14-19     Lessons, 41st week
May 21-26     Group Week, 42nd week

MAY Extra info:

May 13, Sunday: Hyechka Student Recital 2:00pm. Auditions immediately following. TU Meinig Hall at Lorton Hall.

May 18 & 19, State Achievement Auditions, OU in Norman, OK

Star Spangled Banner Performance at Driller's Stadium. Cancelled. Possible reschedule in the Fall.


June 4-8   Advanced Camp:

Coyote Mountain Quartet Camp

June 11-15   Intermediate Camp:

Coyote Mountain Orchestra Camp

June 18-22   Blue Jello Sight reading Camp

July 16, 17, 18   Twinkle Camp

August 2-4, Beatles Camp
July 9-14      Lessons, 1st week
July 16-21    Lessons, 2nd week
July 23-28     Lessons, 3rd week
July 30-Aug2  Group Week, 4th week


July  16, 17, 18    Twinkle Camp

Aug 2, 3, 4           Beatles Camp


Aug 6-11     Lessons, 5th week
Aug 13-18   Lessons, 6th week
Aug 20-25   Lessons, 7th week
Aug 28-30   Group Week, 8th week 

Tulsa Honors Orchestra

1979-2018, 39 Years of Excellence

​​​​Jody Naifeh and Karen Naifeh Harmon Suzuki Violin Lessons

Summer / Fall Schedule 2017

July 10-15    Lessons, 1st week
July 17-22    Lessons, 2nd week
July 24-29    Lessons, 3rd week

Aug 1-3      Group Week, 4th week
Aug 7-12    Lessons, 5th week
Aug 14-19   Lessons, 6th week
Aug 21-26   Lessons, 7th week
Aug 29-31   Group Week, 8th week

AUGUST Extra info:

Aug 3,4,5      Beatles Camp Workshop

Aug 28 & Aug 31 THO Auditions, Jazz Hall

Sept 5-9    Lessons, 9th week
Sept 4       Labor Day, No lessons: Makeup for Monday students on Mon, Nov 20, 2017.
Sept 11-16    Lessons, 10th week
Sept 18-23    Lessons, 11th week
Sept 26-28   Group Week, 12th week

SEPTEMBER Extra info:

Sept 11        1st Rehearsal, THO at Jazz Hall, 4:30 THO & Debutante, 5:30 Chamber

Oct 2-7        Lessons, 13th week 
Oct 9-14    Lessons, 14th week
Oct 16-21    Lessons, 15th week
Oct 23-26      *Group Week, 16th week

*At groups, you can dress up for Halloween if you want!

OCTOBER Extra info:

Oct TBA TAMTA Festival Postmark Deadline

Oct 30-Nov 4 Lessons, 17th week
Nov 6-11       Lessons, 18th week
Nov 13-18     Lessons, 19th week  

Nov 20          Lessons for Monday Students only     
Nov 21-25    Thanksgiving Break, No Lessons 

NOVEMBER Extra info:

Nov 18  TAMTA Festival, ORU

Nov 19   Sunday: Promenade Mall Arrive 12:00pm.

Perform 12:15-12:45pm: Suzuki Twinkle and Book 1 Students.

Perform 12:45-1:30pm: Tulsa Honors Orchestra

Wear: Holiday Outfits, Santa Hats, etc!

Bring your own Music STAND!

Nov 27-Dec 2    Lessons, 20th week

Dec 4-9             Lessons, 21st week
Dec 11-16         Lessons, 22nd week

Dec 18-20         Lessons, 23rd week for Mon, Tue and Wed students

(Thur-Sat students on Jan 4-6, 2018)

DECEMBER Extra info:
Dec 3, Sunday Performance at St Paul's United Methodist Church, THO Chamber Orchestra & Advanced Students. 

Dec 10, Sunday:  Arrive 2:30pm, 3:00pm-3:50pm THO and Chamber, 4:15-5:00pm Chamber Orchestra. Mayo Hotel Performance for Tulsa Honors Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra. Debutante Orchestra is performing the Holiday songs with THO.

Dec 21, 2017 - Jan 3, 2018 Holiday Break, Happy Holidays!

Lessons begin again Jan 4, 2018.